Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The congregation is part of worship.

A rather obvious point, is it not? But some seem not to get it. Some don’t realize that we don’t attend church merely to spectate or to be entertained. The congregation has a vital role to play in worship. Apparently, there are clergy out there who don’t get it either, namely this vicar and his bishop.

In deciding what forms to use in worship, it’s only common sense to take into the consideration the congregation and their background. You don’t have Spanish services for Koreans. And you don’t have dancing charismatic services for traditional Anglo-Catholics or swing the incense around for people with vanity plates that read “NO POPERY.”

I prefer to worship in an Anglo-Catholic style, but I wouldn’t dream of imposing it on a congregation that would be freaked out by it. There are different styles of worship that are all good, and congregational preferences in this area should be respected. To lose 60 people as this vicar did because he wanted happy-clappy dancing worship for a congregation that didn’t is nuts.

I have strong preferences in how I like to worship. But I’m not about to divide Christ’s church over it.

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