Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bishops discussing a division of assets.

David Virtue mentioned that there was talk that several bishops from both conservative and liberal camps of ECUSA to meet in Los Angeles were going to discuss a possible division of assets should there be a church split. But I didn’t want to post on it until something more certain came out. But now it has.

We shouldn’t get our hopes up, but that bishops from different sides of the Episcopal Church will even discuss this is progress.

Up to now, the policy has largely been to kiss the bishop’s . . . ring or leave your parish property. Most parishes who could no longer endure ECUSA and its apostasy have had to leave their properties, St. Nicholas in Midland, Texas being a recent well-publicized example. They approached Bishop Ohl with the fact that the membership didn’t want to be in ECUSA anymore, that they were already bleeding members and money, and asked to work something out with him. And the bishop promptly asked them to leave their buildings . . . that THEY paid for.

Other parishes and their bishops are locked in legal battles over parish property -- not an edifying sight to the world.

There probably will be (and should be) a split in the Episcopal Church. As has been said, “there are two religions in the house.” And it’s best that they part ways. Let’s hope and pray that they part ways with some degree of grace, including working out how to divide assets among themselves instead of kicking congregations out in the streets and fighting in courts. That bishops will be discussing such a possible division of assets is reason for thanks and prayer.

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