Monday, June 27, 2005

NEWSFLASH!!: WCC Says Stalin is NOT a Nice Man and He Should Stop Being So Mean!

Not really. But the World Council of Churches did something every bit as contemptible in releasing this statement condemning the forced evictions committed by Robert Mugabe and his thugs in Zimbabwe.

These evictions didn’t exactly start yesterday. They’ve been going on for years. And now the WCC gets around to saying something about them. Well, thank you very much.

Here’s the full statement. Note how it starts: “The World Council of Churches (WCC), an organization that has a long history of supporting the people of Zimbabwe in their struggle for justice and freedom . . . “

Oh really? What the WCC has is a long history of supporting Robert Mugabe. Therefore, they share blame for the very evictions they are condemning. Some “justice and freedom.”

What’s needed from the WCC isn’t another pontification. What’s needed is an abject apology and repentance. Maybe then they will be worth listening to.

mutters to self “Every time I need a break, the idiots provoke me. . . .”

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