Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More on the L.A. bishops meeting

The aforementioned L.A. ECUSA bishops meeting in July is getting more and more interesting . The Living Church reports that the meeting will seek “a final settlement” between liberal and orthodox parties of the church. And, yes, even revisionists are acknowledging that a possible division of assets is on the table.

This is quite a change of tune and an encouraging one to me. I wonder what prompted it. Bishop Bruno of L. A. called the meetings. Perhaps lawyers told him he could very easily lose his property fight with departing parishes.

And, yes, there have been reports that the Denis Canon (which says in effect “All your parish property are belong to us.”) has been found to not be properly ratified and therefore no canon at all. I haven’t commented here on that because I seriously doubt the reports. But this sudden change makes me think there might be something to them.

Or maybe it’s simply that some key revisionist bishops are past their denial. Maybe they see trying to conduct business as usual will bring on a series of long, ugly, expensive fights over parish properties and other matters.

In any case, I find this very interesting and encouraging. And, by the way, an Anglican journalist who has a good B. S. detector has told me there indeed may be some big, positive things going on leading up to this meeting.

Stay tuned.

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