Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Windsor Action Covenant

Yes, this covenant first presented at the Bedford, Texas meeting of the Network has been out for some time. I was a bit tied up there for a while, so I didn’t post on it. But this is important enough that I can’t let it pass without comment.

I think it a good statement. I do think the name is a bit unfortunate. It is easily lampooned. (Perhaps warped minds such as mine will be the only ones to notice. Does the Windsor Action Covenant come with a set of Anglican Action Heroes? Is it WACed out?) And not all who agree with it’s content are big fans of the Windsor Report. Although aligning with the Primates and their endorsement of the report is probably smart strategy.

And the statement pledging “standing with those who stand with me regardless of what they feel they must do in their situation” is a bit open-ended. But I agree with its sentiment that orthodox Anglicans need to put aside disagreements on matters such as women’s ordination, Anglo-Catholic practices, and whether or not to stay in ECUSA. There’s nothing wrong and much right with holding and being faithful to strong views on such matters. But they shouldn’t keep us from standing and working together.

What I find most significant about the covenant and why I’m posting on it is the following pledge:

If General Convention chooses finally to walk apart from the Anglican Communion, I will not follow, but will remain a faithful Anglican, God being my helper.

That is the clearest statement I have seen from the Network acknowledging, if indirectly, that separation from ECUSA might become necessary.

Leaders from all sides of the Episcopal Church are publicly recognizing that remaining in both ECUSA and the Anglican Communion may soon not be a viable option. And I think these breaths of reality are healthy.

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