Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I’ve had it with Capital One.

I’ve had it with Capital One and other credit card companies mailing me solicitation after solicitation. Yes, I can just tear and throw away their letters. And that’s what I’ve done so far. But this flood of unwanted solicitations is an invitation to crooks rifling through trash or mail to steal my identity and credit.

And I’m fed up.

Today, I’m mailing back their solicitation with the following written on it in felt tip so they can't miss it: STOP MAILING ME YOUR CRAP!

Does that make a difference? Yes. Since they pay return postage, it increases their postage costs. So I’m going to keep on doing that until they do stop mailing me their crap. Join me and get others to join us, and we will punish these companies for being reckless with our identities and credit.

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