Monday, May 09, 2005

Liberal Arrogance

Pseudo-Christian George Regas gave a little sermon the other day at the National Cathedral. The sheer arrogance of it got my blood boiling so much, I had to calm down a few minutes before I was able to write anything coherent.

The man quotes Jesus’ claim to be “the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” . . . and then immediately states, “I simply refuse to hold the doctrine that there is no access to God except through Jesus.”

If your temperament can handle it, you may click the link above and read more.

I use the word arrogance pointedly. To get up in the pulpit of a church under the (false) pretenses of being a Christian and directly and willfully contradict the claims of Christ is an arrogance that just blows my mind. That the pulpit didn’t explode in a ball of fire shows God is far more patient than I am.

Think of it in these terms. If someone thought the Koran is a crock, the appropriate response is not to go to a Mosque under the pretense of being a Muslim cleric, then give a message saying the Koran is a crock. One should instead be honest and respectful enough to admit he is not a Muslim and not attempt in any way to lead Muslim services.

But does Regas possess even that minimal and – since he likes the word so much – universal honesty and respect? No.

Regas’ arrogance is intolerable. And I’m glad to see a large number of the congregation at even that uberliberal cathedral indeed didn’t tolerate it and walked out.

Look, Regas and company, If you don’t believe Christ, then be intellectually honest and take off your frinkin’ collar. Don’t heap judgment on yourself by ascending a pulpit and arrogantly “correcting” the Son of God.

Or are you such a wolf that you just don’t care about your eternal fate and that of your listeners? Are you attempting to entice your listeners into the same condemnation you are under?

As a number of comments on the link note, that this man wasn’t defrocked years ago speaks volumes about the Episcopal Church.

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