Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Pontificator crosses the Tiber.

One of my favorite blogs is Pontifications. If you want some churchly brain exercise, it’s a great place to go. Not that I agree with everything there, and I have joined some vigorous discussions with him in the past.

Readers of that blog will not be surprised that the Pontificator, Al Kimel, has decided to join the Roman Catholic Church. I pray the best for him. May God bless him.

Readers here may wonder if my also joining the Roman Catholic Church is a possibility. After all, I have acquired some Anglo-Catholic tendencies, at least in how I enjoy worshipping. And I have mixed feelings about the Anglican Communion, especially it being led by someone de facto appointed by the Prime Minister of the UK. And I do want to be part of something bigger than just a local church or a national denomination.

And I think in recent years, John Paul II and Benedict XVI have dealt with heresy and apostasy well. Church discipline still exists in the Catholic Church, something that can’t be said about most Protestant bodies. And I’ve posted here about how important church discipline is.

However, my crossing the Tiber is highly unlikely. I will probably go into some of my reasons here why Roman Catholicism isn’t and really never has been an option for me.

But today is not the day for that. Today is a day to honor the great Pontificator, Al Kimel, and wish him well in his new church. Although I would not make the decision he is making, I appreciate him and his dogged commitment to be true to the Faith. May God bless him always.

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