Monday, May 23, 2005

More on departures

The Pontificator’s daughter took over his blog for a day. Her heartfelt comments bring up an important point: In deciding whether to stick it out in a largely apostate church, one has to consider the cost to oneself and one’s family. And one has to consider whether the strife and effort of staying in is more wisely spent elsewhere.

I suspect different people can come up with different answers and still be in the will of God. Myself, I left the mainline Presbyterian Church years ago and recently avoided joining the orthodox to moderate ECUSA diocese of West Texas in part because apostasy provokes me beyond endurance (in case you haven’t noticed ;^) ). Anger might tear me up inside if I were to put myself in that kind of situation. And I want to be in a church I can wholeheartedly support.

I’m thankful God has provided me just that in a wonderful Reformed Episcopal parish.

I could say more, but I got a busy day ahead. God bless.

UPDATE: The post has been taken down. But the points remain.

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