Monday, April 11, 2005

Pro-choice? Yeah, right.

The so-called pro-choice lobby has once again demonstrated that they are not. They are up in arms that some businessmen actually want control over what they sell and don’t sell. Horrors!

Of course, what I’m referring to is that there are a few pharmacists who because of their convictions refuse to sell certain types of contraceptives that can be used to induce abortion. The abortion lobby wants to pass laws to force those evil mean pharmacists to sell those products against their will.

Hmmm, my book sales have been slow at times. I know! I will go protest in front of bookstores, demanding that they carry my book. And if they don’t, I’ll get a law passed! These unfair bookstore owners must be stopped!! They MUST sell my book!!!

O. K., maybe that’s a stupid idea . . . about as stupid as what Planned Parenthood et al are trying to pull.

The fact of the matter is that the “pro-choice” fanatics are pro-abortion authoritarians. They want pharmacists to be forced to sell products against their will. They want prospective doctors and nurses who refuse to assist in abortions banned from medical schools. They want us taxpayers to be forced to pay for abortions. And on and on.

But they don’t have the guts to tell us they are pro-abortion because they know most Americans are not. The pro-abortion crowd not only aren’t pro-choice; they are cowards . . . cowards attacking the most defenseless among us.

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