Saturday, April 23, 2005

An open letter to the Majority Leader of the U. S. Senate

Sent this morning via e-mail:

Dear Senator Frist,

I appreciate your support of ending filibusters of judicial nominees. However, I'm concerned about reports of GOP senators backing away from changing the rules to end that practice.

I urge you and the other Senators to stand firm and end judicial filibusters. For the Constitution is more important than any other business of the Senate. The Constitution is more important than any polls. Most Senate Democrats are using unconstitutional means to subvert the Constitution by filibustering the appointment of judges who will defend, not mangle or ignore, the Constitution. Those so-called Democrats, who by their actions show contempt for both democracy and the Constitution, must be stopped.

Failure to stop this practice of filibustering judicial appointments endangers not just the appointments, but our Constitutional republic. For if the Democrats and the liberal groups behind them succeed in letting only judicial appointments acceptable to them pass, then we will be condemned to governance where the Constitution doesn't matter, but only what activist judges want the Constitution to mean.

We will be condemned to a long dictatorship of the Black Robes.

This must not happen. You must not relent. Defend the Constitution.

Stop these filibusters against our Constitution and those judges who would defend it.

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