Tuesday, April 12, 2005

On a lighter note . . . Blue Angels!

With Gene Robinson lending his auspices to abortionists, with the Bishop of Connecticut saying he’s oh-so very sorry about the Connecticut Six with crocodile tears and a big croc grin, with the ECUSA Executive Council meeting tomorrow, it’s time for some relief. And that not just from the Primates but also from the Blue Angels!

For four days, I had the Navy Blue Angels flying around me. It was like a personal air show. At the end of their visit, they flew in formation directly over my house. My friends and I went nuts. It was a serious rush.

So I wanted to write them a note. I didn’t see any contact info on their site, however. So I present to you the following open letter instead:

Dear Blue Angels,

Concerning your air show and practices this past week at and around the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station:
You, sirs, repeatedly buzzed my house, creating not a little noise and mayhem. In fact, you more than once went directly over my house at very low altitude. Further, I have strong reason to believe you were even using my house for navigation. You know the one – [description omitted for security reasons]. Yes, that one. Don’t pretend you don’t know which one I’m talking about.

Well, I have this to say to you . . . Please continue to do so.

You can navigate by my place all you want. It was a rush. I felt like I was getting a personal air show.

Thank you and God bless. (And be careful.)


(If any Blue Angels or their representatives see this, e-mail me at mark at godknows99 dot com and I'll tell you the house.)

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