Saturday, April 09, 2005

Gene Robinson’s Sin

No I’m not talking about *that* sin. I’m talking about a sin far greater than whatever he does with Whatshisname. I’m talking about his lending his support to those friendly baby killers of Planned Parenthood. He’s going to keynote their interfaith prayer breakfast. Excuse me for a moment.

. . .

Sorry. Combining “interfaith,” “prayer,” and Planned Parenthood makes me lose my breakfast.

I’m a very pro-choice kind of guy. So I say Mr. Robinson has a choice. He can repent. Or he can face the judgement that awaits those who use Christ’s name and offices to support abortionists and abortion on demand. To me, it's hard to find a worse sin a bishop can do than to gladly lend his auspices to killing children.

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