Thursday, April 21, 2005

Connecticut situation

So much I could post on. Anyway, after a Monday meeting with the Connecticut Six that did not go well, Bishop Andrew Smith is calling the clergy of his diocese together for a meeting on the situation this morning at 10am. It’s unclear whether the Connecticut Six are invited. At least some of the six say they will be there regardless. And given +Smith’s past games with half-truths, I agree they need to be there.

Richard Kew has a succinct analysis of the Connecticut situation. This excerpt especially cuts to the core of the matter:

Bishop Smith diverged from Scriptural doctrine and the historic tradition of the church but still demands obedience to Nicaean structures. He seems to want it both ways, and that is not consistent. He is, in effect, saying, "I want to be a heretic when it comes to theology and ethics, but I want to be orthodox when it comes to historic structures, because it is from these historic structures that I derive my authority. I want to have bishops in the church who have geographical dioceses who are living in an immoral relationship, but I will not accept Nicaean Christians in my geographical diocese who oppose such a compromise with a fallen culture with heart, soul, mind, and strength. I want tolerance, but I define tolerance MY way."

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