Thursday, March 24, 2005


Tenebrae at St. David’s yesterday evening was much simpler than I was expecting. But it was still a good worship experience.

The Tenebrae candles and the stained glass window of Christ the King in the altar area were quite striking together in the otherwise dark sanctuary. It was still light outside so the stained glass shown bright.

The service was said (most of it by the whole congregation), not sung. There was no music. But that gave an appropriate somber tone.

The noise at the end (symbolizing the earthquake) was quite loud. It startled me even though I was expecting it. I think the server hit a door hard to make it.

By the way, in attendance were two service leaders (including the rector), four older ladies, and me.

This evening I go back to St. David’s for their Maundy Thursday services, including the Stripping of the Altar. They also have an agape supper and, later, a prayer vigil. Food is good. And, last year, participating in Holy Week prayer vigils back at Providence Church was a very good experience for me. So I expect to join in the supper and prayer vigil as well.

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