Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I’m Speechless, but Griswold wasn’t. . . .

The big news overnight is the Covenant Statement from the ECUSA House of Bishops.

But something that hasn’t gotten much attention – yet – is a vile little speech Presiding Bishop Griswold made to the other bishops practically accusing Bishop Duncan, Kendall Harmon, and others by name of doing the devil’s work of manipulating the Primates. And guess who chimes in and virtually calls ++Duncan a liar to his face? Gene Robinson. Read the story for yourself.

This renders me speechless. I had trouble even thinking of an appropriate headline. I will say this reminds me of the corrupt leaders of Judah blaming their troubles on Jeremiah when they were the ones to blame. The ECUSA liberals just won’t admit that they are the problem. They still persist in the canard that the problem is Global South Primates being manipulated by chicken dinners and nefarious stealth right-wingers.

One wonders why Griswold chose to make such a speech. What purpose did he think it would serve?

You wouldn’t think I, of all people, would overestimate the wisdom of North American liberals. But they keep amazing me again and again.

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