Thursday, March 17, 2005

More thoughts on Griswold’s Tantrum

Now that I’m somewhat over yesterday’s utter amazement at ++Griswold’s rant at the House of Bishops meeting, I have some thoughts.

This confirms my past suspicions posted here that Griswold and his allies don’t give a flip about unity. If he did, why would he make such a statement?

I think this is an important point. If you don’t want to get wiped out in a conflict, you must know your enemy. Before that, you must know who is your enemy. ++Griswold is not interested in unity with the orthodox. All his talk about reconciliation blah blah blah is a cover. He, Bennison, Robinson, Ingham et al want victory over the orthodox. They want submission, not unity. Orthodox Christians are about the only devil they believe in anymore. And they want their complete defeat. And if any orthodox Episcopalians haven’t figured that out yet, they had better soon.

Now not all liberals or all liberal bishops are that evil. There are a number of liberal Episcopalians I personally respect and even count as friends. But the ones running the show in the ECUSA are not nice people as hard as they try to appear so. Get a grip. They are not our brothers. They are the enemy.

As for Griswold himself, I think it’s very possible the man has lost it.

He’s seen his push for liberal/gay domination of ECUSA backfire. He thought having his friend Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury would protect him. He was wrong. He was visibly humiliated at the Primates Meeting. This photo speaks volumes. And now, with dioceses bleeding money, with most orthodox Episcopalians finally showing some backbone, with the Primates siding with the orthodox, with the very real and immanent possibility that ECUSA will be booted out of the Anglican Communion, he’s staring at defeat by the orthodox and at his tenure being a clear and utter disaster.

And he’s clearly not handling it well.

But maybe I’m being too serious about all this. Griswold’s tantrum is so absurd, maybe the proper response is to have fun and laugh him to scorn, which Stand Firm of all people has done quite well .

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