Saturday, March 26, 2005

A congregation of one

I enjoyed an interesting Holy Saturday morning over at St. David’s. I went over there for the 9am Proper Liturgy for Holy Saturday. I expected small attendance, but it was just me and the rector. I didn’t mind at all though. It sure helped me pay attention!

Afterward, I poked my head into the side room (rectory) and said hi to the rector. I remarked it was a small congregation. Then he amiably said that there was a misprint in the bulletin. The service was at 10am but was printed as 9am. So he came early just in case someone came.

I thought that was cool he carried on with the service just for one and told him. Then I offered to help with any pre-Easter preparation. The paschal candle needed to be carved down to fit in its candlestick. I was flattered he trusted me to help with that. (For those who don’t know, they are special candles for Eastertide . . . and are not cheap.) He even had me sit down in the bishop’s chair (then in the rectory) to carve!

As I helped with the candle, we had a good wide-ranging conversation, mostly on Anglican-related things. I let him know how much I appreciated the parish and his passion for liturgy.

I wished I could have stayed longer, but I felt I should go well before the 10am service even though the rector was quite welcoming. It was a neat time.

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