Friday, March 18, 2005

HOB meeting aftermath: clearer talk of a split

An important result of this week’s Hayride to Hell (particularly ++Griswold’s literal demonizing of key conservatives?) is that significant orthodox leaders are talking more openly of a split with ECUSA.

David Roseberry, rector of Christ Church Plano, yesterday wrote:

Christ Church has been making disciples since 1985. God has blessed us with growth, strength, and a clear vision. We are committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ. We will be 20 years old this June. But what is increasingly clear to me is that we are no longer able to make disciples on behalf of the Episcopal Church. It is shutting itself down and closing itself off from the great heritage and energy of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Christ Church will not follow their demise.

I’ve followed Christ Church closely since the events of 2003. And I can’t recall him making such a clear statement about the likelihood of a split.

There will be a forum at Christ Church on April 10th. I probably can’t make it, but it should be interesting.

Bishop Duncan’s statements since the meeting, although gracious and restrained in tone, also acknowledged clearly the possibility of a split: “Our differences within the House of Bishops, within the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA), and within the Anglican Communion may be irreconcilable.”

To the Washington Times , he referred to being bashed by Griswold and Robinson in saying, "As a pastor, when I hear someone say everything I'm doing is evil or 'I don't believe anything you say,' this marriage is probably beyond repair. I think our House of Bishops is finally talking about that."

Whether these statements are tipping a change of mind or are simply acknowledgements of what has been known all along, I’ll leave to others. But key conservative ECUSA leaders are becoming more open about a possible split.

(And for what it’s worth, I think that’s healthy, if sad. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

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