Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Kudos to ABC . . .

. . . for apologizing for their awful judgement in airing their little Monday Night Football intro this week. Terrell Owens alone is obnoxious enough, thank you.

As soon as they aired the intro I thought, What if I had small children watching this with me? The lack of consideration the networks show toward families is amazing sometimes. I still remember Fox running a promo during a football game showing Amy McBeal jumping onto a guy’s face . . . over and over again. Do the networks have any common consideration at all? Sporting events have a broad audience with a lot of kids and families. Why do the networks choose to make it difficult for families to watch them? If they must run sleaze, can’t they do it some other time?

And, no, I don’t have any kids. If I did, I would have had a conniption Monday night. As it was, I was one of those who e-mailed ABC immediately and let them know what I thought. And I rarely do that sort of thing.

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