Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Churchly Quality Control III: CQC and Abortion and other evils

If you see your church or denomination participate in something like this, then you can know that past attempts at Church Quality Control have failed or been nonexistent.

Blaspheming Christ’s name by using it to advocate for evil such as abortion on demand is intolerable. And it should not be tolerated. The way I see it, if you’re in a church or denomination that does such advocacy, you have two, maybe three choices:

1. Remove the leaders responsible.
2. Remove yourself from that so-called church.
2 1/2. ( 1/2 since I have mixed feelings on this one.) Remain in the church/denomination for now, but do not submit to any apostate leaders in it nor let one dime or one minute of support go to such leaders or their apostasy. Instead expose them and oppose them. (This is a more viable option where local orthodox bodies within a church have more autonomy as in the Episcopal Church.)

In the case of the mainline Presbyterian Church years ago, I fought the apostasy for a while on the local level. Then when I moved I decided to move out of that denomination as well. It frankly enraged me to see my denomination supporting abortion along with other evils.

You know, back in the 1950’s it was probably unthinkable to Presbyterians that their denomination would advocate for abortion. But in the 70’s, they already were.

If you don’t practice adequate Church Quality Control – and they didn’t – then there’s no telling how quickly evil can take over a church. Christians may be lax in striving for the orthodoxy and orthopraxy of the church. Satan is never lax in trying to destroy it.

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