Friday, November 05, 2004

I’m trying not to spontaneously combust!

The Reformed Episcopal Church has entered into a process to establish a formal relationship with the Anglican Province of Nigeria at the request of African Primate Peter Akinola, the head of the 18-million strong province of the Anglican Communion!!!

(Emphasis and manic punctuation mine.)

I found out about this when one of my rectors e-mailed me this morning. This is wonderful news. And if you read the article, you’ll see there are other ways the REC is already playing an important role in Anglican realignment.

I want to be part of a worldwide orthodox Anglican communion. That’s one reason I joined the REC -- I sensed they shared my desire. But now it looks like it’s happening even faster than I hoped!

I told you to watch the REC.

Wow, if I get any more excellent news this week, I’m liable to explode!

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