Monday, November 29, 2004

First Sunday in Advent . . .

was quite a day of firsts for me. This is my first Advent as an Anglican.

And yesterday was the first time I’ve taught a class at an Anglican church. My rector asked me Saturday if I could substitute teach the teen Sunday School at my church. (He said if the notice was too short, he could bring the kids into the adult class.) That sounded like fun, so I said sure.

I did o.k., but only o.k. The rust from not teaching in church in a while and teaching in what is still something of a new setting affected me I think. Going from giving short talks to skaters at a skate park (the main setting in which I’ve taught for the past year or so) to talking about collects to Anglican kids is a bit of a shift I guess.

But, hey, I’ll learn and make adjustments.

I might post more about my first Advent as an Anglican, but today and tomorrow I’m bit busy. So that will have to wait at least a couple days.

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