Monday, June 17, 2019

The New Totalitarians are Targeting Pro-Lifers

I’ve hesitated to write this post.  It has a Captain Obvious quality.  For don’t totalitarians target everyone for banishment or elimination who do not agree with them or at least submit to them 100% once they have enough power?  That’s how totalitarians roll.
Nonetheless, it is important to document and warn of the progress of totalitarians, so . . .
Two chilling events happened recently which, in addition to threats to boycott Georgia and other states that pass laws protecting unborn children, show that totalitarians are now targeting pro-lifers, seeking to exclude them from acceptability and public life.
The first was a statement from New York Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand that stated that pro-life views (views against “reproductive freedom” as she stated it – totalitarians just love their euphemisms) are as unacceptable as racist views.

The second was that Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), about as close to a centrist as one gets in politics nowadays, was, due to his pro-life views, suddenly disinvited from being a keynote speaker . . . at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference.  As if cybersecurity and the abortion issue have anything to do with each other.  But, yes, the New Totalitarians think pro-lifers must be banished from all the things.  And this particular banishment speaks volumes on how much or most of high tech industries are now captives of the totalitarians.
Now, of course, these would never admit to being totalitiarians, even to themselves.  But if it walks like a totalitarian and talks like a totalitarian . . .
Face it – we have two choices.  We can defeat these totalitarians again and again, or we can submit to them and that totally.  That may seem stark.  But if we do not thoroughly defeat them, they will makeus submit or else.  In areas of society they control – and those are now ever increasing – they are already getting the policy of submission or banishment they demand.

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