Saturday, June 15, 2019

Old tricks were used to pass Resolution 9 at the SBC.

Not only is the Southern Baptist Convention’s Resolution 9 endorsing “critical race theory and intersectionality . . . as analytical tools” unacceptable in itself, the manner in which it was passed this week displayed unethical gamesmanship that is all too common at political and church conventions.
This became clear to me in watching this recap of the convention by James White and Tom Buck. (You may want to skip the first 12 minutes to get to the SBC recap).  The first trick is mentioned at roughly 16 minutes -- the resolutions were not published until the morning they were to be voted on.  I’ve seen that before – spring a resolution on a convention at the last minute or close to it so that any possible opposition cannot organize and educate adequately.
I’ve also seen important business rushed through at conventions by leaving it until the end when people have planes to catch or when the reservation for the facility is about to run out or when people just want to get out of there and go eat dinner.  It’s easier to ram stuff through then, don’tcha know.

And, sure enough, Resolution 9 was rushed through when time was short and people wanted to get to dinner or other plans.  (See about minute 36 of the video.) Now I do not know if that was intentional.  And maybe Resolution 9 would have passed anyway. But that is not an ethical way to deal with an important and contested resolution.
But then we should not expect false teachers to be ethical, should we.

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