Friday, September 04, 2015

About Cheering the Jailing of Kim Davis

A great deal can and has been said about the jailing of Kim Davis already.  So I will confine myself to pointing out two aspects of the response to her jailing.

1. Protestations that jailing Kim Davis is necessary to uphold the Rule of Law are really, really rich.

Funny how Leftist Democrat officials are almost never jailed or even sanctioned for defying the Rule of Law.  Any Sanctuary City mayors or councilmen in jail?  Has Obama been impeached or even censured for refusing to enforce immigration law?  Were any of those who issued marriage licenses to gay couples when that was illegal, were any of those jailed?

And where was the concern about the Rule of Law when Justice Kennedy and four other Supreme Court justices pulled a coup against the Rule of Law to make Gay Marriage supposedly (BOW DOWN!) the Law of the Land?

Leftist attitudes towards the Rule of Law are just like their attitudes toward democracy.  If it serves their agenda, then great.  If it doesn’t, then their agenda is oh-so much more important than democracy and the Rule of Law.

2. The Pink Shirt crowd might want to think twice about cheering the jailing of Kim Davis.

Does anything show what cretins the Pink Shirts are than their cheering the jailing of someone non-violently being true to their faith?

Reasonable people can disagree with Kim Davis. Unreasonable people are glad she's in jail. 

And “unreasonable” is putting it nicely.  This is yet one more episode in which the gay rights crowd shows for all to see that they are neither reasonable nor tolerant.  They once played on people’s sympathy and still try so to do.  But I suspect they are now losing sympathy and fast.  For defeating one’s political opponents is one thing.  Overkill is quite another and evokes sympathy only in Clint Eastwood movies.  And jailing Kim Davis is overkill.

(Yes, it’s a fed judge who jailed her.  But that little changes the result nor the effect.)

But even if the Pink Shirts had enough sense to keep their glee to themselves, they might want to think twice about rejoicing in the jailing of Kim Davis at all.  Americans are a tolerant people.  But they also love freedom, particularly freedom of religion and thought.  And jailing someone for non-violently following the dictates of their faith is an outrage to many, even to those who disagree with how Ms. Davis is going about this.

These and similar episodes are likely weakening support for the gay rights crowd and are awaking, energizing and motivating those with a more sane and traditional view of freedom.  If so, the Pink Shirts may not be the ones cheering in the end.

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