Friday, September 25, 2015

No. Just No. Pope Francis Participating in 9-11 Memorial Interfaith Service

I am disappointed (although I should now be at the point where nothing from the current Pope should surprise nor disappoint me) that Pope Francis is about to participate in an interfaith service at Ground Zero.  By lending legitimacy to false religion, the Pope is leading people astray.

As I’ve posted before, Christians are not to “give any space to the deadly delusion that Christianity is an optional way to God, and Islam et al are alternative ways to God.  Yes, these are the chief reasons I oppose virtually all interfaith services.”


Housekeeping: I was going to give links, but they were so obnoxious with ads, pop-ups, etc. I decided to spare you.  As I have gotten fed up with a number of sites in that regard, that may become my policy.

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