Thursday, July 16, 2015

What This International Catholic Congress of Anglicans is About

No, ICCA really is not about vestments.  Nor have there been secret thurifer workshops that I am aware of, although I have seen some impressive 360s during processions so maybe they are practicing on the sly.  So what is this Congress about?  

I do not presume to summarize the purpose and direction of this International Catholic Congress of Anglicans myself, at least not yet.  But there have been two addresses that do summarize the direction of this conference well, both helpfully posted on YouTube by Kevin Kallsen.

Yesterday was Edith Humphrey’s address on conciliarity.  “Conciliar” has been much said at this conference.  In fact the official theme is “Restoring the Conciliar Church and Her Mission.”  But, to be honest, I’ve had trouble getting my arms around the concept.  In fact, a student asked me what "conciliar" means, and I doubt my answer was either cogent or very helpful.

Then came Humphrey’s address, which sets forth a conciliar view of the church very clearly and succinctly.

The text may be found at VirtueOnline.

This morning was an address by Bishop Keith Ackerman, most of which was reading a paper by Canon Arthur Middleton.  Bishop Ackerman said he had an address at the ready, but put it aside to let Middleton in effect speak to us.  It was a very good summary of where Anglicanism is today and some of the problems with that.

And, particularly in the bullet points towards the end of the address, I think we have heard a sneak preview of the statement to be issued towards the end of this Congress.  If so, it will be a good one indeed.

Should I come across the text online, I shall post it.


By the way, Bishop Ackerman after reading my initial post at the conference found me out and hunted me down . . . and has exhibited an excellent and gracious sense of humor as I expected he would. 

I’m glad he got to me before the vergers. 

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