Tuesday, July 14, 2015

International Catholic Congress of Anglicans Update

I had an excellent and edifying time at the International Catholic Congress of Anglicans today, including good times with friends old and new and edifying talks and sermons.  Well, there was one sermon that even this brilliant and learned blogger did not comprehend, but I won’t mention that.

In particular, I commend to you Bishop Ray Sutton’s lecture on the Real Presence.  I could nitpick a point or two but it was on target and very accessible and winsome.

By the way the surpliced choir has sung Palestrina twice and well, which is something for a choir which first got together on Monday.  Of course, some Loyal Churchman may not be pleased about that.

Also, I wish to dispel any impression that only Anglo-Catholic Ritualists are here.  I have noticed at least two people raising hands during worship.  The vergers promptly removed them and beat them outside.

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