Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yet Another Obama Enormity (and this blog)

I have not said much about the enormities of Our Dear Leader of late. But that is not for any lack of said enormities.  Lately, it is feeling like 2009 all over again with Obama throwing outrageous initiative after outrageous initiative out there to the point that it is hard to keep up with it all . . . except this time, with Obama never having to face another election, the initiatives are even more outrageous.

For example, amidst the Iran deal, Obama infuriating a federal judge on immigration, his shameless blaming of the IRS targeting scandal on Congress, etc., the Obama Regime is creating a huge race-oriented database with the intent of forcing “neighborhood diversity” - which translates to changing your neighborhood and lowering your property value with government-mandated low-income housing.

Obama has always had an obsession with race and with raw government power, and now that neither elections nor spineless Republicans can or will hold him accountable, he is aiming those obsessions even at neighborhoods.

Trust me that I could rant further on this.  But now my more alert and hard-to-please readers may say, “Thanks, Mark.  But this is not exactly new news.  This post is hardly value-added.  And, to be frank, there are better places to go for politics.”  And they have a point, which leads me to the following.

During the break-out session on media during last week’s International Catholic Congress of Anglicans, David Virtue advised that it is best to do few things well in blogging.  Otherwise, you spread yourself too thin and lose the interest and patience of your readers.

I thought about that.  There are some blogs that can do a lot of things well, such as Ace of Spades.  But most cannot, and I admit I probably have lost readers over being unfocused.  Not to mention that keeping up with the enormities of Obama and friends really is a full-time job.

Again, part of the reason for my increasing the scope of this blog since 2008 was to warn of what I (correctly for the most part) saw coming in the Obama Administration.  I felt a responsibility to do my part to warn, and I do not apologize for that.

But now I am considering making this blog more focused.  My philosophy has been “It’s my blog, and I’ll rant if I want to” (with apologies to Lesley Gore), and I still will retain the Right to Rant.  But nonetheless more focus may be in order.

What may become the foci of this blog you ask?  Anglican matters, of course.  Liturgy as always.  I may do more on church history.  I expect I may reduce my political posts while still focusing on Freedom of Religion.

But I am mainly just thinking about all this now.  We shall see how God and events lead.  Stay tuned.

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