Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Proof That Something Really Is Wrong With Democrats

I am not known for having an especially high view of Democrats.  But a YouGov poll shocked even me.  So much so that I looked into the innards of it and checked YouGov’s record of accuracy.  And if there is something wrong with said poll, I have not found it.

Yes, yes, I know, on with it.  The poll that shocked me had 66% of Democrats approving of the indictment of Rick Perry.  As I’ve mentioned, the indictment is an outrage, raw political retaliation for Perry exercising his legitimate veto power in a manner displeasing to the Democrat Travis County DA.  Heck, it is Democrat retaliation for Rick Perry being Rick Perry, a strong Texas Republican Governor.  It is prosecutorial misconduct worthy of the Soviet Union or Putin’s Russia.

But about two-thirds of Democrats are fine with it.  I can be charitable and assume that most of those two-thirds are not informed enough to realize just what they are supporting.  But this still indicates a tendency to support abusing prosecutorial power to go after political opponents pretty much because they are political opponents.   These sort of people would fit in very well in the old Soviet Union.

I have never been a moral equivalency type.  But the Obama years have really brought home to me that it is not o. k. to be a Democrat, particularly since there is hardly any room left anymore in that party for a traditional conservative Democrat.   And the vast majority of Democrats still support Obama in spite of his regime using the power of the Federal government, particularly the IRS, to go after political opponents.  The Rick Perry indictment is not the only case of Democrats supporting the illegitimate use of raw government power to suppress political opposition.  There really is something wrong with Democrats, dangerously wrong.

Yes, I can and should try to be decent to them and love them even, as Jesus commands.  Yes (in case you are wondering), I still support their constitutional political rights, even as they greatly abuse them and attack my rights.

Yes, we all have something wrong with us – man is fallen and deeply flawed and sinful.  And it is wrong for me to have a superior attitude, as I do at times to my shame, because my sinful tendencies are different than someone else’s.  And, yes, someone can be a good person while still have areas that need working on like anger (mine), laziness, or being a Democrat.  Wisdom is often to appreciate the good qualities in people and overlook the shortcomings.

Those of us engaged in politics, particularly Christians during such a divisive time as this, need to remember the above lest we become downright noxious and harm our relationships.

But I refuse to pretend being a Democrat is o. k. any more than pretending that anger, laziness, or any other sin is o. k.  This poll confirms something really is wrong with Democrats.

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