Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ferguson: So Who’s the Victim Now?

In the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown, there has been a lot of jumping to conclusions that this is the case of a bad cop killing an innocent unarmed young Black man.  Not to mention the portrayals of Brown as a “gentle giant”, etc. 

But then we saw footage of him robbing a store and manhandling the owner just before the shooting.  And then there were reports that he was coming after the cop when he was shot.

And now there are reports (which I am not in a position to confirm) that the cop sustained severe facial injuries.  It appears Brown smashed the policeman’s eye socket.

The more that comes out, the more the Bad Cop vs. Young Black Victim narrative seems not to be applicable here.

Now I am not going to jump to conclusions either.  There are conflicting versions out there of what happened.  But the race-baiters should be called out for jumping to conclusions and feeding the unrest in Ferguson.


BillB said...

This is another George Zimmerman/Treyvon Martin type of incident. It does not matter what the truth is, for many it could be clearly shown that Darren Wilson was badly injured and Micheal Brown was the aggressor, they will still claim that Darren Wilson should be judged guilty of capital murder.

Mattexian said...

Ditto! It doesn't matter what the facts are, the protestors have already made up their minds.