Friday, August 01, 2014

Is the IRS Hiding Monitoring of Pulpits?

I am hesitant to post on this topic.  First, I am in a fog due to allergy medicine.  Second, I am having trouble finding information as to exactly what is going on.

But this is important enough that my alert readers should be . . . alerted.  There are reports that the IRS has struck a deal with an atheist group to increase monitoring of pulpits for political content.

Perhaps one reason details are hard to come by is that the IRS is hiding them.  In fact, the Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a Freedom of Information request to find out the details.

Given the record of the IRS, especially under Obama, there is every reason to distrust and watch them on this closely.  And if readers find out more, please feel free to post in the comments.

I will say that there may be a good explanation from the IRS.  And Satan may be just misunderstood.

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