Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Bigot Bishop

I’ve met Pete Broadbent in a pub some years back.  He seemed an intelligent and affable man.  But recent history reveals he has a problem with not knowing when to shut up.  And that even after his untimely comments before the most recent royal wedding, which surely would have taught just about anyone else to keep one’s mouth shut on occasion.

In the run up to this past week’s local and European elections, the CofE bishop could not restrain himself.  Reminding people to vote wisely was not enough for him.  No, he had to single out the UKIP.

Once the results were in, did he respect them and UKIP voters?  Or did he at least keep his highly prejudiced opinions to himself?  No, he did the opposite.

What more can be said than my reply?

Well, more can be said.  Church of England bishops (as well as UK Roman Catholic bishops) have made something of an idol out of the EU beast.  Bishop Pete is probably saying what many of them privately think about those who dare deface their brazen image of “ever closer union.” 

But at least most of those who may be bigoted about Euroskeptics have the decency to keep said prejudice somewhat under their vestments.

Now to be fair, Bishop Pete claims he is not talking about voters…

But I for one do not believe that those who vote for a “prejudiced blot on the landscape” are okay with him.

He let loose with his bigotry.  The only appropriate thing for him to do now is repent, apologize . . . and then shut up for a good while.

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