Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The VA Scandal Simplified

For reasons mentioned in my previous post, I am not going to make a long post about anything at this time.  But that may be for your benefit.  For that is my excuse to keep it short and simplify the VA scandal for my readers who surely have multiple demands on their time.

President Obama has a long record of catering to his constituencies, his supporters, and pretty much only to his constituencies.  And if you are not among one of his constituencies, too bad.  This pattern began very early on when those Black Panthers who engaged in blatant and videotaped voter intimidation at a polling place suddenly had charges dropped against them after Obama took power.  But those concerned about election fraud?  Most of those RACISTS don’t vote Democrat.  So election fraud, what election fraud?  And don’t you dare bring in VoterID, you RACIST. 

Illegal aliens (who, yes, vote Democrat) and their apologists, Obama is your man.  Victims of the crimes of illegal aliens, not so much.  Those who don’t pay income taxes, but instead take welfare . . .

Oh wait. I said I’d keep this short.  But you get the picture.  Obama is the President of Obama voters.

Therefore, to understand the VA scandal, one need only understand the following. It has happened not because Obama did not know.  He knew very well the Veterans Administration had problems and even campaigned on said knowledge back in 2007.

The prime cause of the VA scandal is that soldiers are not one of Obama’s constituencies.  They do not vote for him and for Democrats well enough.  And that goes double for old soldiers.

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