Friday, May 23, 2014

UKIP Beats Race-baiting Establishment

I have been in England much of this month.  And I saw first hand the blatant race-baiting establishment war against the UKIP.  It was not unlike the ravings of Democrats against the Tea Party.  The torrent of outright bigotry from Leftists against the UKIP also reminds of U.S. Democrats. (Search for “UKIP” on twitter to get a sample if you have the stomach for it.)  And the occasional poorly worded statement by UKIP people, including leader Nigel Farage, was not helping matters.  I was concerned the attacks and gaffes would take their toll.

This morning, I am glad to report my concerns were unfounded.  The UKIP has done very well in local council elections, taking seats from all three establishment parties.  And the EU parliament election results to be announced Sunday will likely be even better for the UKIP.  The establishment propaganda war has failed.  The race-baiting may have even backfired.

It is an impressive election showing for the UKIP, probably the first one not “below radar” and certainly the first one thwarting such a torrent of abuse from the UK establishment.

Let us hope this is precursor of the U.S. ruling establishment being put in its place this year as well.

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