Friday, June 28, 2013

The Time to Defend Freedom of Conscience is Now.

At least much of the gay rights crowd (and probably most) is not particularly interested in the freedom of churches, schools, and individuals to disagree with their viewpoint and live accordingly.  One need only to watch and listen to the Left and gay activists to get that.  Heck, the utter disrespect for the legitimacy of traditional attitudes on marriage even permeates Justice Anthony Kennedy’s DOMA majority opinion.  If one thinks the Left will tolerate the freedom of “BIGOTS!” to live in accordance with their beliefs, one is na├»ve indeed.  Demonization of opponents rarely stops there unless it is made to stop there.

Like Canada, the UK and Europe, we are well on the way to being made to submit to the gay agenda or else.

So I heartily agree with Erick Erickson that we should make that as difficult as possible for the Left by codifying protections for those who disagree with gay marriage and practices.

Right now, while the left still denies that is the intention, the right should act. They should start codifying protections for religious institutions — from churches to schools. Those protections should include protections for the tax exempt status of organizations that refuse to recognize gay marriage and protections for Christian schools that do not want to treat gay marriage as an acceptable alternative to normal.

I would add we should codify protections for individuals as well, although that is a tougher sell.

And, granted, we are one or two Supreme Court appointments away from just about all our Constitutional rights being flushed down the drain regardless.  But you gotta do what you can.  And time for that may be running low.

The time to act to protect 1st Amendment freedoms is now.

(Clarification: In case anyone desires to twist what I am saying here, I am dead set opposed to gay bashing or its equivalents.  1st Amendment freedoms never include assaulting the rights and/or persons of others.  And I do think gays should have the same rights as others although I do not think that includes changing the traditional societal definition of marriage.)


Hat tip to Stand Firm.

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