Tuesday, June 25, 2013

IRS Spin

So the IRS has conveniently let it be known that they also looked at “progressive” and “Occupy” groups.

This is transparent spin to distract us from their systematic targeting of Constitutional conservative and tea party groups.

And it is spin I am not buying.  I still want people in prison for the IRS attacks on 1st Amendment rights.  And IF Obama can be linked to the attacks, it demands impeachment.  (But, again, I think Obama mainly lets his thugs do the dirty work.)

By the way, I have long thought that Democrat fraud and misconduct was not enough to swing the 2012 election.  There was no doubt there was massive fraud, but I felt afterwards Romney was so hapless, he was a loser anyway.  And Obama’s margin of victory was convincing.

But in light of IRS revelations and how quiet harassed tea party groups were in 2012, I’m not so sure now.  The anti-Obama/tea party vote turns out strong in 2010, but then in 2012, when Obama is actually on the ballot, the anti-Obama vote is weak?  Huh?

That was the main shocker of the 2012 election.  I afterwards thought I overestimated Romney’s appeal to conservatives – or conservative toleration of Romney to put it differently.  And that conservatives were fed up with being fed establishment Republicans was surely a factor.  But now it is becoming clear IRS suppression of tea party groups and of the vote they had turned out so well in 2010 was a big factor, too.

The IRS played a major role in rigging the 2012 election by harassing and hamstringing conservative groups in blatant violation of the 1st Amendment.  So much so that I am no longer sure Obama is a legitimate President.

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