Friday, June 07, 2013

Henricus Sixtus Rex Ora Pro Nobis (at the Tower)

On the last day of my pilgrimage, I visited the place where it is thought King Henry VI was murdered, in a small, then private, chapel in the Tower of London.  There I prayed, thanking God for the good example of King Henry, for this trip and God’s goodness and providence in it, and for answers to my two main prayers of this pilgrimage, one for the healing of a friend, the other for guidance in a private matter.

King Henry VI was a prayerful man of God who was hounded most of his life by those coveting the crown that was rightly his.  It is sad yet appropriate that he was murdered by such men while he was in prayer.

But now, because Christ ever lives, King Henry VI ever lives.  And he prays now and ever, no longer under the oppression of covetous bloodthirsty men, but in the perfect peace of God.

King Henry VI, indeed pray for us!

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