Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Endorse Rand Paul for President

I’ve been thinking about making this early endorsement for president for months.  And the NSA revelations have now pushed me over.  Right here, right now, I endorse Rand Paul for President of the United States in the 2016 elections.

Why?  And why so very early?

1. Rand Paul is the only major candidate who has demonstrated that he has the will and the backbone to stop and reverse federal tyranny, particularly the Big Brother surveillance state.  There’s no guarantee he will succeed, but he will certainly try and will at least slow the march to the gulag.  I cannot say that with confidence about any other candidate.

2. His filibuster against killing U. S. citizens with drones demonstrated presidential qualities, including strength of will, strong principles, and the ability to speak winsomely (and without gaffes) even when under considerable physical stress.  Those qualities will serve him well as a candidate and as President.

3.  Far more than any other Republican candidate, he has the ability to attract people, particularly young people, who haven’t voted Republican in years if ever.  For example, many left of center people with libertarian streaks who oppose the surveillance state will find Paul their only decent choice.  (Hillary put the feds in their place?  Are you kidding?)  He will therefore at least pull even in the youth vote and siphon off some Lefties, too.

4. With the excesses of federal power coming out for all to see – from the IRS, the NSA, the DOJ etc. etc. etc. – now is the time for an anti-statist libertarian conservative like Paul.  His convictions are both needed and politically timely.

5.  I’ve yet to be impressed by anybody else, with the possible exception of Paul Ryan.  As for Rubio, he is too young and na├»ve, to be blunt, and comes across that way.  That callowness is a big reason he is playing the fool on immigration.  He may be an excellent candidate one day, maybe, but not now.

I am glad to be supporting the candidate who I think is both best on policy and the most electable.  I not only endorse Rand Paul; I am about as confident about him winning as one can reasonably be this far out from an election.

By the way, I did *not* support Rand Paul’s father in 2012.  So don’t even think about writing me off as a Paulista.


Tregonsee said...

Rand Paul, one state to my north, is by any standard a good guy, but woefully under-qualified in terms of management and other key experience needed for the presidency. That will be constantly trumpeted by the same press which completely ignored the same shortcomings in Obama.

Maxine Schell said...

NO ONE is comprtetant to manage a state of such UNMAGABLE SIZE.
A Constitutionalist MIGHT manage to reverse the continual increase in size.