Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Pope Resigns, or Bring in the “News” Clowns!

Nothing, like nothing, brings out noos media ignorance and prejudice like a major church event.  And Pope Benedict’s resignation is certainly no exception.  Knowledgeable faithful will now get the same feeling I’ve had for decades concerning political coverage:

When you actually know something about something and then read what journalists write about it, you can’t help wondering if they’re being just as ignorant and arrogant about everything else they write.

Michael Dougherty is not alone when he laments, “There is no way I’m prepared for the ignorance about to be on display in the media.”

And there is so much noos media buffoonery already on display, I hardly know where to begin.  Many stories use the resignation as a pretext for Catholic-bashing and Benedict-bashing, both overt and subtle, as if he were a one-man Illuminati personally responsible for Hitler and child abuse and every evil known to man, particularly that backward and unenlightened ancient faith, practice and even morals.  The nerve of some of those Catholics to not hurry up and be like the world!  That when the noos clowns aren’t busy getting their facts flat out wrong.

Probably the best source to monitor media fails in the coming days is the Get Religion blog.  And, yes, some of the fails will be amusing.  One of my favorites so far:

. . . the editors at the Associated Press have already fixed an awesome typo . . . that said the Pope Benedict XVI has, as is common among elderly men, experienced “some prostrate problems” in recent years.

But at least that typo has more than a little truth to it.

As for the rest of the noos media circus to come, I don’t know whether to brace or make popcorn.  Perhaps both.

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peggy38 said...

Pass the popcorn. I must be sure to stop by here often in the coming weeks to enjoy the spectacle from your point of view.