Thursday, February 21, 2013

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Does Obama’s latest whinefest about Sequestration sound familiar?  Does it give you déjà vu even?  There is a reason for that.  And Allen Ginzburg summarizes the whining redux so well, I’ll defer to him:

Does this sound familiar?
1) There is an important problem that requires Congress and the President to act. (entitlement reform, viable budget, sequestration, fiscal cliff, debt limit hike, etc.)
2) House Republicans propose and pass a bill with what they consider a good solution to the problem.
3) President Obama and Senate Democrats realize it is easier to attack the Republican plan than propose their own, so they refuse to propose a real bill.
4) President Obama delivers several campaign-like speeches filled with strawmen portraying Republicans as unreasonable, uncaring and somehow responsible for a lack of solution.
5) No permanent solution is achieved.
It should. This cycle has been repeated on every major issue that has come up since Republicans took over the House in 2011.

And the sheer gall of Obama’s act exceeds even Bill Clinton at the height of his lying.

President Obama fails to mention several things in these speeches: First, the idea for the sequester cuts that he claims will be so harmful originated in his White House. Second, House Republicans already passed two bills replacing sequester cuts with other cuts, while Obama has not proposed any specific solution yet. And lastly, President Obama previously promised to veto any attempt to get rid of the cuts he now claims will be devastating.

Funny how the “mainstream” noos media doesn’t mention that much, either.

Ginzburg has a hopeful conclusion, however. I wish I could share his hope.

Someone should inform the President that Americans are tired of this game and the election is over. It is time for him to actually do his job.

Judging from the recent sordid election, I do not think most Americans are tired of Obama’s act.  Not yet anyway.  So enjoy Obama’s smearing and whining.  Because he’ll keep doing it until it backfires. 

And maybe he’ll keep doing it even then.  For when it comes to deficits he’d much rather demagogue than actually do something about them.

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