Thursday, February 28, 2013

Obama vs. the News Media - Are We Venezuela Yet?

The attacks on Bob Woodward for daring to question Obama’s narrative on the sequester are now well known. 

What is not yet so well known is that is part of a pattern of White House intimidation of reporters and news outlets that do not toe the line.  One instance that is now coming out that the White House threatened the Washington Times for running columns by centrist Democrat Lanny Davis.  The threat included the possibility of having their White House credentials revoked.

One would think the White House would be pleased with how cooperative and downright obsequious the vast majority of the “news” media is.  But apparently only complete control of the media would please The Dear Leader.

White House intimidation of news media, complete with threats of banishment. . . .  I thought this was America, not Venezuela.

Have I mentioned Obama and his minions have a totalitarian streak?


Tregonsee said...

I choked at the description of Davis as a Centrist, until I remembered that he is in fact a "moderate" Democrat by today's standards. President Obama is the mirror image of, not the real Reagan or Bush 42, but the Left's demonic vision of them. Funny that they are well pleased with this.

Mark said...

Yeah, I suspected "Centrist" was charitable. But I'm nice on occasion.