Friday, September 28, 2012

Warrantless Surveillance Skyrockets Under Obama and Holder

I do not wear a tin foil hat.  But I have asserted on occasion that Obama has a totalitarian streak.  And if you follow me on twitter (The link is on the right.), you may remember that my icon long was a glowering pic of Obama with the caption “He’s watching you” (now replaced with a heart warming photo of Her Majesty vanquishing her enemies).  So perhaps you, being slightly naive, have thought that I am off my rocker or at least paranoid.

Well, think again.  Warrantless surveillance of cell phones, e-mail, internet activity, etc. have roughly quadrupled under Obama and Eric Holder.   Not the eeeeevil Bush and Cheney; Obama and Holder.

In fact, more people were subjected to pen register and trap and trace surveillance in the past two years than in the entire previous decade...

Let that sink in.  Then you may read more angles on this here.

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