Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney is Right . . . unfortunately (UPDATED)

Well.  There seems to be quite a hubbub this morning that one of the presidential candidates actually tells the truth.

And even some Romney naysayers acknowledge that he was pretty much factually on target in his already infamous “47%” remarks given at a fundraiser and secretly videotaped and given to Mother Jones, with the help of Jimmy Carter’s unemployed grandson.  How appropriate.

Mitt Romney is also right in his analysis I am very sad to say.

There has been much gnashing of teeth among us conservatives about why this election is even close now.  Obama’s record is atrocious; he should be toast already.  Some have blamed Romney’s campaign, and it certainly could be better.  But I do not think that is the main problem.

I do not think I’ve yet voiced my opinion on this on this blog, but now that Romney has . . . .

For decades, Democrat strategy has been to make more and more of the American people dependant on the federal government and thereby to buy their votes.  It took a while, but all these years and years of vote buying are succeeding.  To be blunt, a growing percentage of the electorate vote to loot the rest of the electorate. (And please note that “loot” is my appropriate and untactful word, not Romney’s.)  Almost half of the populace do not pay income taxes and receive government benefits.  And most of these who vote do so to keep taking and taking.

(An aside: I also think there used to be more belief in the value and likely success of hard work in improving one’s lot.  That this belief is less prevalent now makes matters that much worse.)

And it is becoming evident they will even vote for a President with a record of trashing the Constitution, attacking our freedoms, and hurling the nation towards bankruptcy in order to keep looting the treasury, as George Washington put it. 

Years ago, such looters would fail to re-elect the likes of Obama.  There weren’t enough of them, or at least not enough of them voted.  But, again, the Democrats have so succeeded in buying off more and more of the electorate through the years, they just might put Obama over now.

Now I do think it is possible to turn this depressing trend around.  The election is indeed close, and Romney can win this election.  And if there is a stronger economy in the aftermath, more will become taxpayers and will naturally vote against being looted.
I’ve seen this transformation first hand.  Once, I ran into a Duke friend of mine, and his views were vociferously more conservative than when we were both students.  I asked him what happened.  His succinct answer: “I got a job.”

But for now, the Democrats are succeeding in buying off more and more of the electorate and turning them into looters.  That this election is close is a sad reflection on that and does not bode well for the future of this nation.

Romney is right.  God help us.


Here’s a chart that is all too relevant.  For much of the 80’s, less than 20% did not pay income taxes.  Today?  About half.

A new Gallup Poll is just out.  Guess how much Obama has in it? 47 percent.

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Mari said...

"we are the 47%" should have been Occupy's slogan.