Monday, September 24, 2012

It’s Happened Again. Another “Shanahan” Fail.

A week ago, I ranted against the practice of some NFL coaches of calling time out just as a Field Goal try begins.  And I gloated noted the utter failure of that unsporting tactic by Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan in the Redskins-Rams game.

Well, yesterday it happened again.  The New York Jets tried a winning Overtime FG against the Miami Dolphins.  Kick blocked!  The Dolphins have new life!

No, wait.  Here we go again.  Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin had called a time out immediately before the ball was snapped.  He pulled a Shanahan.  The Jets in effect get a second try, which they make easily.  Game over.

I’ll have you know that I was rooting for the Dolphins, but this tactic backfiring once again still warms my heart.

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