Friday, September 07, 2012

Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s DNC Benediction

The Democratic National Convention ended on an excellent note.  (I hope I haven’t caused any shocked coffee-spewing or fainting there.)  For Timothy Cardinal Dolan gave an excellent benediction. 

And it was a courageous one as I am sure it was not the sort of prayer most liberal Democrats want to hear*, particularly with its heartfelt petitions for the unborn and for religious freedom.  If the Cardinal tailored his benediction to his audience, it was to admonish his audience.  Be sure to read and hear the prayer if you missed it.

And, unless you were watching Fox News, you probably did miss it.  For the other news networks cut away from it or talked all over it.   Given the content of the prayer and who gave it, that is not only bias; it is flat out bad journalism.


*I thought about posting some Lefty responses to the prayer, but considered that unedifying.  Yes, I do restrain myself at times.

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