Friday, February 10, 2012

Report: Obama to Compromise on Birth Control Rule (Or sometimes, I’m good.) UPDATED

Last week, I predicted that, to preserve his re-election chances, Obama would try to appease Catholics angry over his Obamacare birth control rule.

Well, it looks like I’m right again.

But I doubt his efforts will succeed. This is likely not the end of this sordid episode.

Nor should it be. He is only doing this to get re-elected. He is not to be trusted with freedom of religion or just about any other Constitutional freedom.

Obama has now announced the “accommodation” from on high. And it is hard to see just how it changes anything.

But as Charles Krauthammer reminds us, protecting freedom of religion isn’t really what this “accommodation” is about:

. . . the firestorm of protest was becoming a threat to his reelection. Sure, health care, good works, and religion are important. But reelection is divine.

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