Thursday, February 02, 2012

Prediction: Obama will try to appease angry Catholics

I have not yet seen any poll numbers that reflect this, but make no mistake – the damage Obama has done to himself by deciding to force the Roman Catholic Church to fund birth control in its health insurance plans (or else) is bad, really bad.

Obama just put himself underwater with the Catholic vote. And winning the presidency with Catholics voting against you has not been done in modern history and is unlikely to be done now.

And the damage is across almost the whole spectrum of Catholics. Even liberal Catholics are furious with the president, even to the point of already vowing not to vote to re-elect the Dear Leader. Yes, shocking!

Without serious damage control or some economic miracle or some other kind of miracle out there, I am convinced the damage is so bad that Obama may have just lost the presidency. Catholics will vote against him at least 55-45 and that will be just about the ballgame.

Which leads to a prediction.

Any day now, Obama’s pollsters will run into the Oval Office with much wailing and gashing of themselves and lay before the One the extent of the damage.

And, since his re-election is so much more important than even the Most Perfect implementation of Holy Obamacare, the One will pull back on the decision, most likely by suspending it *coughuntilAFTERtheelectioncough* for further study and consultation, but possibly by giving church institutions the outright exemption they have asked for.

Remember that you heard it here first.

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