Tuesday, February 07, 2012

“Let us pray for those against women bishops.”

Peter Mullen sums up well the peril Church of England traditionalists find themselves in as General Synod votes on women bishops.

There is no question there will be women bishops. The issue is whether adequate provision will be made for those who cannot consciously recognize women bishops. And the feminazis and allies would much rather unchurch such bigots orthodox. Hell, they are even marching against providing for traditionalists.

Peter Mullen sums up such wolves well:

Campaigners for women bishops call themselves “liberal” and “inclusive”. But their liberality and inclusiveness extends only as far as those who agree with them. This is not liberalism at all, of course. Those bigots are like Trotskyists who work within an institution to subvert it and to turn it into its opposite. They are the Church Militant Tendency. I have seen (and worse, heard) their raucous and savage triumphalism, sneering and gloating at the discomfiture of traditionalists. These people who began their feminising movement by pleading for tolerance are themselves intolerable.

Indeed, they are “bigots.” And let us indeed pray for the faithful in danger of being unchurched by these shameless wolves.

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